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Emmy Rice


Ontario counsellor Emmy Rice (she/her) has been working directly with clients for a little under a decade. Her background in trauma, addictions, and victim services informs her current client-focused practice. Emmy is a firm believer in individual agency, and works with her clients to develop an understanding that while what happens to us may be outside of our control, each of us has the power to decide how we react to events, and how we move through them. 

In Emmy’s view, many patients are simply searching for someone who can make them feel truly seen and heard. Emmy strives to be that source of understanding by providing a safe space where patients can bring forward any issues they’ve been struggling with, and let those emotions go, or find better ways to manage them. 

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Frequently asked questions.

  • How many new sessions are you adding each month?
    Our live events page is frequently updated to include all new sessions.

  • Are there courses offered in French and/or other languages? Are the courses only offered in English?
    No, currently our Wellness Workshops are only offered in English.

  • Who leads the Wellness Workshops?
    All of our wellness practitioners are licensed Canadian healthcare professionals  and coaches. Click here to see the specifics of who is hosting what.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Wellness Workshops I can attend each month?
    No, with purchase of the Wellness subscription you can attend unlimited Wellness Workshops.

  • Do I get access to all membership perks?
    Yes with the membership you get access to all membership perks, but they are subject to change at any point.

  • What is the difference between Wellness Workshops and progress coaching sessions?
    Wellness Workshops showcase live and on demand content from our experienced health and wellness professionals on everyday topics that matter to your health and wellbeing. Progress Coaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals. We recommend starting with a Progress Coaching session to set your goals and attend Wellness Workshops that help you meet your goals.

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